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Sayres’ History

Sayres’ journey began in 2001, driven by a vision to redefine defense support services. Initially focusing on supporting U.S. Navy shipbuilding programs, Sayres has since expanded its offerings across various services, enhancing national security through innovation and expert support.


2001 – Foundation and Vision

Sayres and Associates was established to provide exceptional support services to the Department of Defense. Founded by John Sayres, the company was built on a foundation of integrity and professionalism, aimed at enhancing strategic and tactical operations for government clients.

acquisition by broadtree partners

2021 – Acquisition by Broadtree Partners

Broadtree Partners LLC, an operator-centric private equity firm, acquired Sayres and Associates, injecting new resources and experience into the company. This pivotal moment marked a significant expansion in capabilities and market reach.

Strategic Entry of Tim Reardon

2022 – Strategic Entry of Tim Reardon

Tim Reardon, a distinguished leader in the government contracting industry, joined as CEO and Chairman of the Board for Sayres Defense, replacing Joel Willett who had provided steady leadership during the transition period post-acquisition. Reardon’s extensive experience is now at the forefront of developing and implementing Broadtree’s GovCon strategy in aerospace, defense, intelligence, and mission support services.


2023 – Acquisition of Joint Research and Development (JRAD)

Under Tim Reardon’s leadership, Broadtree Partners acquired JRAD, enhancing Sayres Defense’s portfolio with advanced test and evaluation, and R&D capabilities. This strategic move strengthens Sayres’ position in the government contracting space, aligning with long-term growth objectives.

US Navy Fleet Operations

2024 – Strategic Contracts and Prime Navy Contract

Sayres Defense was awarded a prime $280M contract by the Department of Navy to support vital missions through the PMS 300/PMS 325 Professional Support Services contract. This underscores Sayres’ dedication to delivering mission-critical support.

Future – Readiness and Growth

Looking forward, Sayres is committed to delivering exceptional support and solutions to its government clients. With ongoing expansions and a focus on innovation, Sayres is poised for further success and influence in the defense industry.

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